Welcome email

Guests are sent an initial welcome email which is fully customisable by you. The email includes a link to the personalised Visit page containing the digital ticket, ordering facility, venue information and other optional functionality to manage the visit.

Digital ticket

Guests are sent a digital ticket with a scannable QR code. Integrated directly with your theatre reservation system, and optimised for display on the customer's smart phone, it's easy to scan at the theatre making for a friction-free visit.


Display the menu direct from your restaurant POS system. Take theatre orders ahead of or during the show. Offer guests the option of in-seat delivery or pick-up, either during the show or at the interval. Guests who are dining with a table booking can order ahead or from their table. Fully integrated with your restaurant POS system and table reservation system for arrival and seated status.

Table reservations

With a simple click guests can add a table reservation to their visit. Full two-way integration with industry leading restaurant reservations systems. Table times offered fit around the performance and are fully configurable, along with the option to enable customers to change their table time.

Venue information

Guests have quick access to key venue information. This includes driving directions, contact details and other customisable information you want to share.

Pre and post show SMS

Ahead of the show at a time set by you, guests receive a text message containing the link to their personalised Visit page so they have all they need at their finger-tips to enjoy a smooth and friction free visit to your venue.

You also have the option to send an SMS after the show. You can use this to send customers a survey link, or even given them an opportunity to make a donation.

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