“Visit has become the bridge between all elements of the customer journey and plugged a huge gap.”

Paul Gallagher

Commercial Director - Lyric Hammersmith Theatre

Digital Ticket

Ahead of the show, guests are sent a link to their tickets along with important venue and showtime information.


Whether grabbing drinks before for the show or dining at a table, guests can pre-order before they arrive.

Realtime delivery

Guests have the facility to order direct from their seat and you control if they can ask for delivery or pickup.

Table Reservations

Guests can easily add a table reservation for your cafe or restaurant. Times offered are tailored to fit in with the show.

“It’s such an easy and effective system – thank you again for setting us up so quickly.”

Ben Clare

Orange Tree Theatre

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Food and drink orders

Take payment for pre-orders that go direct to your POS. No crowded bar to put off guests enjoying what until COVID has been second nature, pre-show and interval drinks.

With flexible pickup and delivery options, bottlenecks can be a thing of the past. The online menu is linked directly from your restaurant POS system, and orders are sent directly to the bar or kitchen.


Table reservations

Guest are offered table times that fit around the show they are coming to see. You have control over the amount of time to allow pre and post show, which in turn controls the table times offered to the guest. Visit interacts directly with your table reservation system.

Real-time delivery

Guests have the facility to order from their seat or table. You have full control over the options they are offered for delivery or pickup by them.


Track customer spend

Visit integrates with your ticket software and your F&B POS. It sends guests beautiful digital tickets, takes pre-orders, and tracks their spend using your segmentation tools of choice.

Visit brings together all your current systems into one experience that allows guests to manage or make table bookings and order from your bars, restaurants, and cafes or even directly from their seat. It contains the event ticket as well as important venue and showtime information. Visit can take pre orders, in real time, or both. You decide.

“We all know the customer experience starts long before they arrive. From how easy it is to buy a ticket to the experience within the venue itself. Guests who go home happy are far more likely to return.”

Kevin Markwick

Picture House Uckfield

Integrations, affiliations and partners

Can't see your ticket software or POS?

We are integrating with new partners all the time. Whatever ticket system or POS you use, it's likely we either do or can integrate with it.

All our plans include

  • Integration with your ticket software

  • Pre-show, interval and seat ordering

  • Digital tickets

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